Money-Back guarantee

Our academic writing service values its customers, and we do everything possible to satisfy them completely. We've always realized how significant it is for customers to be familiar with their legal rights and possibilities given by our service, that is the reason we wrote this article, namely our money back guarantee. Providing people with more information about such things is what helps ensure comfortable work and less trouble.

Normally, we successfully tackle our primary task, which is to cope with any circumstances to supply our purchasers only with first-class works, hence, the money back guarantee is not an often used service. Free revision option is also available in the list of the services we provide, which truly helps deal with every case in a fashion that is the most suitable.

We can assure you that your money will be given back if your situation matches the prescribed descriptions. Bear in mind, there's a chance to get not just a part of the paid sum back but also the whole cost of your order. But, it is determined by several conditions

100% refund

  1. The exact same order made twice
    In the event of getting into this type of situation, we advise our clients to get ahold of our support department and inform us as soon as possible. Make the order carefully and do not waste any time in case of an error because after the processing of your order begins you cannot return the whole amount.
  2. When we have not selected a writer yet, but the order had been cancelled
    In cases like this, a full refund is your inalienable right. You will always receive the entire amount back, having called off the order before it was given to our professional.
  3. Just too many tasks at hand
    While consistently working on our team improvement, we still occasionally have a situation when all our highly qualified specialists are busy working on tasks at hand; in this case and we cannot find a writer for you, the money you paid will be refunded.
  4. The client was billed twice
    This situation occurs very rarely, and only accidentally. Being billed twice, do not hesitate - notify us about it immediately. For this reason, we recommend you to save all the receipts as an evidence of your financial transaction.

Partial refund

The purchaser can receive a part of the money back in the next cases:

  1. Delays in delivery
    Unfortunately, even working with all due responsibility, there are some unpredictable things. In this instance there can be a few elements that influence the sum of the refund, so every case is talked about with the purchaser. Although, occasionally it can be a result of the client's negligence. Imagine a scenario when a client didn’t manage to provide the writer with all the essential documents in time. This is the reason a refund might not be offered in case of a missed deadline. Make sure you don’t hold off the sending of the required materials because this factor is extremely important if you want us to write your task properly.
  2. You decide that you do not need our services, while the writer has started working on your order.
    Due to the fact that we need to pay for our writer’s work, you could be given a refund of about 70%. But it's decreased to 50% in case the time remaining to the deadline is half of the total time determined or less.
  3. The client is unsatisfied after getting their final result
    It is easy to contact us to report any claims regarding the received work so that we could investigate them. If we made some mistakes while processing your work and your claims are reasonable, we will give you a partial refund according to the circumstances. Although most often our customers’ needs are satisfied, and they are content with the works written by our experts, we are ready to hear all the comments on our results to make them better.
  4. Plagiarism
    Having provided us with some evidence showing that your work contains non-referenced information that has been already used somewhere else, you could count on receiving a part of your money back after our examination.

No refund

  1. You hoped for a higher mark
    We always endeavor to do our utmost, but we can't guarantee the greatest mark as it sometimes depends on your professor’s or teacher’s evaluation.
  2. Formatting, editing, proofreading
    We want you to be notified that in case you ask us to do formatting, editing or proofreading, we will not change the content of your paper. We're not responsible for any claims regarding the content.

Money-back process

After we confirm the refund, your money is to be paid back over a period not longer than one five-day workweek. It's important for us to emphasize that we don’t pertain to any problems that involve any other companies (financial institutions etc.).

Be sure that the amount of your refund is larger than 10 USD; otherwise, you just can’t receive your money back due to the transaction fees. If you want to get a refund immediately, you are given an option to save this sum on your account to use it for your potential orders.