Limitations of a Study and Their Effects

When doing the research, many researchers (including beginners and those, who have already experienced a lot of researches) meet various study limitations, which influence the final result of the project. How does it affect it?

We are going to review possible limitations, that you can meet, looking for info for your project. Shall we?

What Are Some Limitations of a Research Study — Examples

When it comes to making research on some subject, event, action or individual (whatever you choose to work on), at first you need to think a little and define limitations of a study you may meet with further. We’ve made up a list of possible limitations that could become a challenge for you.

Here is the “common possible limitations of a research study” list:

  • Access. Your study can depend on getting access to some organizations, various info, and data, needed people or documents. It happens that access can be denied wholly or partly. That is why such a limitation may affect your whole research.
  • Languages. Sometimes, researchers want to find some information, but cannot. Why? It happens, when there are needed info and data, but written or told only in a foreign language, and this is why you are limited in getting it. Of course, you can hire a translator, if you want, but you are limited because of it anyway.
  • Biases. Either we want it or not, we all have biases. That is what can affect our project because we feel it just because we do. It does not depend on our desires. Because of biases, you can turn your research to one or another course. The human factor plays an essential role in every angle of our lives. Making researches is not an exception.
  • Deadline. Yes, the deadline can also be a limitation, because when you have a certain amount of time, you do not have all the time in the world to get every piece of existing information. You can lose or miss something, and that is normal.

How to Determine Limitations of a Research Study In Various Assignments?

How do you think, what are we going to have under this title? Right, we are going to talk about the standard limitations of a research study of two types:

  • quantitative research study;
  • qualitative research study.

Read more, dear readers!

Limitations of a Quantitative Research Study You Can Encounter

Meet the list of limitations, that you can meet with during a quantitative research study:

  • Lack of Resources. Not rarely researches face such problems as lack of resources, which means there are not enough of them. That is the reason why some data is missing and not collected and included in the project.
  • The inability of Controlling the Environment. For example, if your topic is connected to the environment somehow (topics about population, politics, animal & vegetation life, etc.), you cannot control it. It is simple. The situation always changes, and if you even collect needed data, it does not mean, it will not change, until your whole research is done. So, this is one of the limitations here.
  • Outcomes, Which Are Limited. Such kind of research study requires asking questions. When you ask a question, you can get shallow answers, like yes/no/I do not know, instead of the deep ones.
  • Time-consuming and Expensive Process. The process of doing researches can be costly. Especially, when it comes to getting access to the data and getting new information from there or other hands. Sometimes, you have to pay money. If not talking about money and talking about time, there is one thing too. Researches require a lot of time to work on them. It is why such work is time-consuming and exhausting for the researcher.

Limitations of a Qualitative Research Study Assignment

Meet the list of limitations, that you can meet with during a qualitative research study:

  • Dependence of the Individual Qualities. The result of the research can be influenced by an individual researcher’s qualities or personal idiosyncrasies or/and biases.
  • The Data Volume. When you have gathered and collected a lot of data, it may be time-consuming for you to put in your research and put it correctly there. That is why it may be time-consuming and can also be distracting. Staying focused is the main thing here. Do not give up and try not to miss an important part of the collected information.
  • The difficulty of Explaining. Sometimes collected info can be a little difficult to design in the right and easy way, this is why you need to be focused on the subject and aware of how to present it as well. Why? You do it to avoid misunderstanding and make your quantitative research accepted among the whole scientific community.
  • Anonymity Issues. It happens, when a researcher finds and takes some data, but the source wants to save his/her/its anonymity and keeps confidentiality. Be careful, when presenting your findings.
  • The difficulty of Visual Characterizing. Info and data that you have collected can be a little (or a lot) difficult to characterize as well and make it look good visually. It can be quite time-consuming.

We hope that this article was useful for you and helped you to understand what limitations you can meet with, during the research creating. You can create an excellent one even despite these complications. Good luck!