Case Study Research Method Guide

Researchers-beginners, those, who have already passed the “beginners” stage and those, who are researchers with huge experience behind their back, use different research methods. There are a lot of methods nowadays. So, different people use different methods, considering this or that, as the most suitable and appropriate for them exactly.

Some researchers use the way of surveys or interviews. Some of them prefer doing experiments or observation of the subject. The other people can prefer the case study research method. Today we are going to talk about the last one.

Case Study Research Method Definition and Features

Seems, like it would be appropriate to start with the next questions. What is a case study research method? What are its features? How to apply them correctly?

A research method case study is the way of detailed digging on a particular project (subject, case) for further research. You may think, “How does this method differ from the others?”. In comparison with the others, this one includes not one separate way of research, and it includes a couple of them. There you use multiple sources and ways of finding information. A case study is a research method in which you observe, do experiments, interviews, and surveys at the same time. That is why it is called detailed research.

Some people do not know what can be studied and used as a subject for research, and this is why have prepared the list of a few of them:

  • An individual;
  • specific event or action;
  • an organization;
  • a subject, that simply interests you, no matter what it is (but, of course, only if subject researching makes sense and provides a chance of further discovering).

The other deal about a case study is the process of creating the research. What are the steps towards it?

  • Choose a topic for your project. You have to pick that topic, that you can find info for and that one, which would be not only interesting for other people, but for you at first.
  • Determine the questions of the picked topic of your research. For convenience, you can create an outline on a separate sheet of paper and write it down. Think well and start to highlight the most crucial question of the topic and make the whole research be based on it.
  • Give yourself a term. You need to determine a term during which you have to collect the needed info. Set a deadline. Why? It can help you to speed up the process and not leave it for later, what we all love doing sometimes.
  • Analyze possible techniques for researching. Remember all the techniques, which can be used during the research and try to understand, which ones fit the best. You have to learn to make use of them.
  • Get prepared for data collecting. Before you start collecting info, make sure, you have made a full decision of techniques, methods, and ways, that you are going to use in the future for gathering needed data.
  • Collect data and all the needed materials and info. Getting prepared for collecting info is one deal, and the actual collecting is the other. That is where you would better start using all these methods and ways to find what you need for your research. Observe, do experiments, surveys, ask people, gather info, learn the subject deeply.
  • Analyze gathered information and think about how to distribute it within the project. Once you got a full “package” of needed materials and information on the subject, you can turn to its analyzing. Try to understand, what info you really need and what materials you can leave behind. Try to distribute materials within the project. Think about how to do it better: where to put this info and where to put that one.
  • Prepare to release the complete research. When you are done with the project, you can check it once, and then you can double check it one or two more times and decide if you are satisfied. If you are not, redo the parts, you do not like. If you are, leave everything the way it is and release it.

Advantages of Case Study Research Method that Help You Succeed

To make it comfortable for you to understand if this is great to choose this method of researching, we have gathered and collected the most common advantages of the case study research method. We have made a list of them. Scroll down to see how it looks like!

  • Collected during the research data can make the whole research interesting, detailed and worth reviewing.
  • Such a method gives an opportunity to learn the subject (case) as well, including the most in-depth details.
  • Gathered info can also be used in the future in clinical settings.
  • The finished research, which was dug deeply, can provoke hesitating in other studies, theories, and well-established rules because of new gotten information (which is not bad, because new theories will be reviewed).

So, if you want deep and detailed research, apply the case study method and provide people with the project and its questions, that are worth noticing and reviewing. Good luck with that!